East Riding of Yorkshire

Current Services in East Riding of Yorkshire

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Locally Commissioned/Public Health Services

  • Supervised Consumption
  • Needle Exchange (NX)
  • Sexual Health
  • Smoking Cessation
  • NHS Health Checks

NHS England Enhanced Services (Co-commissioned with CCG)

  • Minor Ailments Scheme (MAS)
  • Medication Record Charts for Carers (domMAR)
  • Palliative Care Scheme
  • Pharmacy Urgent Repeat Medication Supply (PURMS)
  • Point of dispensing Intervention Service (PODIS)
  • Tuberculosis Medication Directly Observed Therapy (TB DOT)
  • Medicines Management Support Service (EL23)
  • Out of Hours Directed Opening on Bank Holidays (Rota)
  • Blood Pressure Testing Service

Contract/Service Specification information on NHS England services

FINAL East Riding CCG NHSE Pharmacy SLA 2018-21 Reference Copy

Pharmacy Services Checklist – ER

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AGM 2018 Facing the Future Together – The value of local services and how to get involved

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