Annual Complaints Report

Each pharmacy contractor must prepare an annual report for each year, ending 31 March.

To assist pharmacies, PSNC has prepared a template summary of complaints, which can be used as an index of complaints as they are received and closed. All the information necessary to produce the annual report can then be collated from this summary at the end of each year.

Click here to visit the PSNC Website for help & support with the following:

  • NHS complaints procedure
  • Major elements
  • Staff roles
  • Who can make a complaint
  • Duty to handle complaints
  • Complaints procedures
  • Publicity
  • Monitoring
  • Annual reports (The Summary of Complaints form can by found under this heading)
  • Further guidance
  • FAQs

The pharmacy contractor must send a copy of its annual report to the local NHS England Team at: as soon as practicable after the end of the year to which the report relates. Even if a pharmacy has not received any complaints, the contractor must prepare a complaints report confirming that they have received no complaints as part of their terms of service.

For other contacts please refer to the Pharmacy Contact List for NHS England, Yorkshire & Humber which can be found here