Annual Complaints Report

Please note, this page is intended for community pharmacy owners.

If you are a patient or member of the public who wishes to raise an issue about a pharmacy, the first step is to speak to a member of the pharmacy team directly. Further information is available on the NHS England and NHS Improvement website.

The Clinical Governance Framework requires all pharmacy contractors to have in place arrangements which comply with the requirements of the Local Authority Social Services and National Health Service Complaints (England) Regulations 2009 (the Regulations), for the handling and consideration of any complaints.

Each pharmacy contractor must prepare an annual report for each year, ending 31 March. The annual report must be available to any person on request. The pharmacy contractor must also send a copy of its annual report to the local NHS England team as soon as reasonably practicable after the end of the year to which the report relates. Your local NHS England Team email is:

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