Repeat Ordering by Pharmacy – changes to processes

Changes to repeat prescription ordering system – Impact of COVID-19 and reminder of 1st September 2020 deadline:

You may remember that due to COVID-19, the deadline for pharmacy ordering of repeat prescriptions on behalf of patients was extended from 1st June 2020 to 1st September 2020.

We are aware that many pharmacies have already switched patients onto ordering their own medication; however, if your pharmacy is still ordering for patients, please find below resources to support you:

Also for your information:-

This information has also been circulated to key stakeholders by the CCG, including Primary Care Bulletins (GP Practices).

GP Practices have been asked to amend all patient facing communications to reflect the guidance, including 7 day time frame.

Here are the links to the updated repeat prescribing info on CCG websites:

Hull CCG

East Riding CCG & ERoY latest COVID-19 info
NEL CCG & NEL latest COVID-19 info

Please watch and share….An important video from Bridlington-based Community Pharmacist Karen Murden who gives lots…

Posted by Bridlington Echo on Monday, 30 March 2020

All pharmacies should now be aware that all 4 CCGS in the Humber area (Hull, ERoY, N Lincs and NE Lincs) will be stopping pharmacies from ordering prescriptions on behalf of patients by 1st June 2020.

The LPC communicated a timeline of this change in the Weekly Digest which is available here

We also organised three equivalent events in Grimsby, North Ferriby and Tickton aimed at assisting pharmacies in managing the change of responsibility for medication ordering back to patients. The events explored how to effectively manage the withdrawal process including:-

  • How this will affect you and what changes you need to make
  • How you can use this opportunity to reduce your workload
  • How you can work together with your GP Practices to ensure patients that require assistance in the new system receive appropriate care

Thank you to all those who attended the events, we had some positive feedback that you went away with a greater understanding of the change and the ability to communicate this change effectively with patients and work jointly with your GP Practices.

For those pharmacies that didn’t receive leaflets and posters at the events or did not attend an event, the CCG’s will be making arrangements to deliver these to your pharmacies imminently along with the posters which can be displayed within your pharmacy. Patient leaflets will also be sent to GP Practices.

Communication with Patients/GPs
Once pharmacies and GPs have received the information and patient leaflets they can start to communicate with their  patients and start to identify those who will still require assistance with their medication.

The message for patients (in the leaflets) will be that pharmacies can no longer order medication on their behalf from 1st April 2020, with 1st June 2020 being the Final deadline for pharmacies to stop ordering patient medication. This is to minimise risk due to Bank holidays in April/May, allow time for all patients to get used to the new system and spread out the workload for pharmacies and surgeries.

If you have any further queries or issues arise, please don’t hesitate to contact the Medicine Optimisation Team on:

Other resources:

Promotional materials/leaflets about the NHS app:

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Video of how to set up the NHS app (made for GP Practice staff):

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Electronic repeat dispensing resources and training:

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