COVID-19 Testing

This Page is for pharmacy staff only, if you are a patient please click here to visit the GOV.UK website or call 119.

COVID-19 testing for pharmacy staff and self-isolation guidance

This page contains information on how pharmacy team members can access testing for COVID-19 and action to be taken if staff have a positive test result or are a contact of someone with COVID-19.

The UK Health Security Agency’s (UKHSA) guidance on COVID-19: management of staff and exposed patients or residents in health and social care settings should be consulted by pharmacy contractors before making decisions related to staff exposed to or infected with COVID-19.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 21st February 2022 and the publication of the Government policy document – COVID-19 Response: Living with COVID-19 – NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) issued initial guidance to NHS service providers, including community pharmacy contractors.

Read the NHSE&I letter

Read the living with Covid update letter from NHSE – 30th March 22

Please click here to visit PSNC for more info on the following:

  • Regular pharmacy staff testing for COVID-19
  • Reporting COVID-19 exposure in the workplace

View the updated NHS England SOP April 2022: C1633_Symptomatic and asymptomatic staff testing SOP April 2022

COVID-19 network Resilience:

Click here to view our COVID-19 Network Resilience page