Constitution and Governance

Governance and the LPC Constitution

The LPC Constitution is a key document setting out the membership of the committee and the constitutional rules under which it operates.

Community Pharmacy Humber operates according to the CPE Model Constitution and follows a strict accountability procedure and governance arrangements.

To help LPCs judge the Committee’s performance and the quality of service offered to its contractors, the CPE has drawn up performance criteria providing a framework for LPC self evaluation, the evaluation can be found on the CPE website.  Adopting a performance management framework strengthens the credibility of the LPC and supports sound management.

Copies of the LPC Constitution and Code of Conduct & Accountability Framework are included in this section:

Self evaluation framework for Community Pharmacy Humber:

  • CPE template evaluation is completed on PharmOutcomes
  • Community Pharmacy Humber Framework of Self Evaluation (to be completed)

Expenses policy and claim forms:

Governance sub-committee Terms of Reference can be viewed below

LPC Purpose

To promote the interests of pharmacy contractors locally as the recognised negotiating body for delivery and development of pharmaceutical services.


  • To protect remuneration and reimbursement by ensuring additional services are fairly rewarded.
  • To act as a key consultant in NHS dispensing contract applications/relocations using local knowledge of existing service provision to determine impacts of changes to the existing network.
  • To raise the profile of pharmacy locally by highlighting to the commissioners those areas where pharmacy can contribute to delivering the primary care agenda.
  • To communicate to local pharmacists the current issues which nationally or locally have implications for provision of services.
  • To work co-operatively with the various bodies concerned with the quality assurance aspects of services provided to NHS patients.

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