Clinical Information

Clinical Information and Prescribing Guidelines

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Clinical Information

Specialist Pharmacy Services (SPS):

Information on drug shortages and alternatives, medicine compliance aids stability, refrigerated storage etc. Search by the drug name.

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Resources, clinical webinars etc…


Covid-19 Hub and telegram group free to all pharmacy professionals in all sectors.     

Local Prescribing Guidelines

Click the links below to view the prescribing guidelines for the required area:-

Hull and East Riding prescribing committee:

North Lincolnshire Prescribing Committee:

(North Lincolnshire CCG, North East Lincolnshire CCG and the North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust).

York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust:

Hull University Teaching Hospital (HUTH) Interface Portal:

This interface portal is for specific patient related or discharge queries by healthcare professionals.

On the NHS mail platform so can share patient details if from another NHS net account.

Drug shortages, Out of Stocks and Alternatives

Department of Health & Social Care Supplies Issues Update (available on SPS):

These updates also contain links to CAS alerts and guidance on alternatives for unavailable drugs.

Example for August 2020

To access the most recent Supply Issues Update:-

  • Access SPS website

  • Important to log in first, then search ‘DHSC Monthly Shortages Update ’
  • Scroll down page to ‘Medicine supply & shortages updates from Department of Health and Social Care’
  • Scroll down to Link to ‘Supply Issues Update’

MIMs drug shortages tracker:

Also has information on discontinued stock.

Currently unlimited access until 1st September due to Covid-19 for all Healthcare professionals (need to register)

Sign up for MHRA alerts:

PSNC Medicine Shortages:,potential%20impact%20on%20their%20patients.

NHSE Guide to Managing Medicine Supply and Shortages:

RPS (Available to Members only):

Useful Apps


RightBreathe (inhaler information and training on devices)

For more see CPPE Apps for pharmacy guide

Print PDF of this information: Clinical Information and Prescribing Guidelines2 pdf