Understanding your FP34 Schedule of Payments

The Schedule of Payments is a document which provides contractors with a summary breakdown of reimbursement for drugs and appliances provided against NHS prescriptions including the fees payable for any additional NHS services provided for example, Advanced Services and any locally authorised payments from your NHS England Area team. Pharmacy contractors can expect to receive their Schedule of Payment from NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) 5-working days before the payment date.

Download PSNC’s Factsheet: Understanding the Single Activity Fee – In this factsheet, PSNC’s Dispensing and Supply Team explain what the Single Activity Fee is and provide examples of items that are eligible for multiple fees as well as those that attract no fee.

Download PSNC’s Factsheet: Using Your Schedule of Payments to Monitor Performance – In this factsheet, PSNC’s Dispensing and Supply team explain how to analyse your monthly Schedule of Payments to help you understand and manage your NHS pharmacy business more effectively

Download PSNC’s factsheet How to access your Prescription Item Reports – This factsheet explains how pharmacy contractors can access their monthly detailed payment information from the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA).

Watch PSNC’s webinar on-demand: Understanding your Schedule of Payments

Please click here to visit PSNC for more information on the following:

• Timing of monthly payments
• How to access Schedule of Payments
• Summary of Payment Amounts
• Total of Drugs and Appliances
• Total of Fees
• Charges
• Details of Local Amounts Authorised
• Details of Other Amounts Authorised
• Prescription Data
• Items Transferred Between Exempt and Chargeable Groups
• Summary of Expensive Items
• Related resources

Accessing earlier advance payments and changes to submission requirements

Many changes were implemented to the Drug Tariff from October 2021. Pharmacy contractors and their teams should familiarise themselves with the below and adjust their processes where required.

  • Earlier advance payments for all contractors
  • End to the Pharmacy Earlier Payment Scheme (PEPS)
  • Extended submission deadlines for bank holidays
  • Changes to end-of-month paper FP10 prescription sorting requirements
  • Changes to the inclusion criteria for red separators
  • Updated paper FP34C

Find out more on the above

From April 2022 (for prescriptions dispensed from March 2022), the Manage Your Service (MYS) portal will be the ONLY route available to contractors for all monthly FP34C submissions. This change was announced in the September 2021 Drug Tariff. Pharmacy contractors who have not already registered for MYS can download and complete the form on the NHSBSA’s website and send it to

Find out more on the end of paper FP34C submission document here

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This table is applicable from September 2021 dispensed prescriptions Schedule of Payments.

LPA code Service to be assigned to this LPA code Drug Tariff (DT) Reference
Additional Pharmacist Access Services Additional Pharmacist Access Services Out of Hours Services – DT ref m
Local Pharmaceutical Services Local Pharmaceutical Services LPS Payments – All LPS payments should be entered through this expense head.
Local Scheme 1 Minor Ailment Scheme Minor Ailment Service – DT ref j
Local Scheme 2 Medication Review Service Medication Review Service – DT ref h
Local Scheme 3 Gluten Free Food Supply Gluten Free Food Supply – DT ref d
Local Scheme 4 Screening Service Screening Service – DT ref q
Local Scheme 5 Medicines Assessment and Compliance Support Service Medicines Assessment and Compliance Support Service – DT ref i
Local Scheme 6 Patient Group Direction (PGD) Service Patient Group Direction Service – DT ref n
Local Scheme 7 Emergency Supply Service Emergency Supply Service – DT ref u
Local Scheme 8 Disease Specific Medicines Management Service Disease Specific Medicines Management Service – DT ref c
Local Scheme 9 Smoking Cessation Referral Pilot DT ref r
Local Scheme 10 On Demand Availability of Specialist Drugs Service On Demand Availability of Specialist Drugs Service – DT ref l
Local Scheme 11 Sharps Disposal Service  
Local Scheme 12 General Practice Digital Minor Illness Service (GP DMIRS) Minor Ailment Service – DT ref j
Local Scheme 13 Walk in my Shoes Service Prescriber Support Service – DT ref o
Local Scheme 15 Hypertension Case Finding Pilot DT ref q
Local Scheme 16 CV Testing Pilot DT ref q
Local Scheme 17 Oral Contraception Management Service (PGD) Tier 1 pilot. DT ref n