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Pharmacy Education Update Briefing:

The April 24 edition of the Pharmacy Education Update focusses in on practice and educational supervision, bringing together all available training offers and resources.

Pharmacy Education Update – April 2024

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NHSE Pharmacy Training:

Community Pharmacy Training LIVE NOW

Community Pharmacy Technicians Training

Independent Prescribing 

Pharmacy Magazine – CPD Modules:

Royal Pharmaceutical Society:

RPS Pharmacy Guides A-Z

Locums e-learning – Accessing Health Education England e-learning for health:

Locum pharmacists wishing to complete the recommended training for the Pharmacy Contraception Service may have difficulty accessing the Health Education England e-learning for healthcare (elfh) training (Home – elearning for healthcare (, if their HEE training account is registered through a private email address rather than a work email address.

If this is an issue, then you can access this training via either of the following:

  • You can access the required learning on elfh via your CPPE account.
  • Alternatively, you can provide your GPhC number to elfh via email to:, who can increase your access within your elfh account.

Locums, increasingly having an NHS email address is becoming a necessity to access all of the tools needed to provide services. We are aware of the difficulties for locums in getting such addresses and have made NHSE aware of this. To aid with potentially getting NHS email accounts for locums, hosted by NHSE or the ICS, we need to gather names and emails for those who would be interested, showing interest helps to make the case to the IT bods. If you are a locum and want to get an NHS email address, no guarantees, please email the office from your current preferred email account to the LPC office account with the heading of ‘Locum NHS’ and provide your name and other contact details.