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PharmOutcomes is a web-based system which helps community pharmacies provide services more effectively and makes it easier for commissioners to audit and manage these services. By collating information on pharmacy services it allows local and national level analysis and reporting on the effectiveness of commissioned services, helping to improve the evidence base for community pharmacy services. 

The system is highly flexible, in that it allows the ‘commissioner’ to design services within PharmOutcomes which can then be made accessible to community pharmacies commissioned to provide that service.

The system provides a whole system for provision, invoicing and management of any locally commissioned services. Services can be designed from scratch, or can be based on a suite of national templates or local templates which other commissioners have designed and have made available for use on the system.

Currently the system provides templates for a range of services, which are listed below, but its innate flexibility allows other services to be easily designed within the system. All of these services can be edited after importing to meet specific local needs or they will simply work “out of the box” as they are.

PharmOutcomes is provided by Pinnacle Health LLP in partnership with PSNC.

PharmOutcomes is used for:

  • Local and National Services, including Flu, Pharmacy First, HCFS etc…
  • Pharmacy Quality Scheme support
  • Health Living Pharmacy Level 1 support
  • Transfer of care options
  • PharmOutcomes MasterClasses
  • and many more

Using PharmOutcomes

All contractors can use PharmOutcomes to complete the Community Pharmacy Assurance Framework and we have further information in contract monitoring page.

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Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) for PharmOutcomes:

The PharmOutcomes platform has moved to a Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) model, please see guides below which may help with this process.

PharmOutcomes – New MFA Process 6.3.24


Setting up MFA – Steps for Mobile App

Getting started with MFA- Steps for changing your preferred method

Getting started with MFA – Steps for self enrolment

You can also click on the link below which gives some further instructions and short videos to assist with the setup.