FP10DT (Dispensing Tokens)

Paper copies that are printed to accompany electronic (EPS) prescriptions are known as ‘tokens’. The barcode on the tokens can be scanned to retrieve the electronic prescription from the central NHS Spine.

Community Pharmacy England’s factsheet: Summary of EPS-related forms and tokens explains how to recognise the different types.

Ordering tokens: This is usually done on the PCSE pharmacy stationery and EPS token online ordering portal.

Visit CPE for more info on the following:

  • Supplies, ordering & escalation
  • Types of tokens (& images)
  • Dispensing tokens (white)
  • Prescription tokens (green, from GP)
  • Contingency & tips
  • Standards and digital tokens
  • Submitting
  • Destroying
  • FAQs
  • Further info