NHS mail accounts/requests

NHSmail is an NHS funded and managed secure email service which is approved for use for exchanging patient data between health professionals.

The service is available over either the Health and Social Care Network or the open internet. It can be viewed through a free web based client or alternatively pharmacies can choose to connect the service to a local email client, for example Microsoft Outlook.

Visit CPE for more info on the following:

  • Basics: shared & personal mailboxes
  • Duty to access NHSmail
  • Getting NHSmail (shared)
  • NHSmail personal accounts: creation and linking
  • Using NHSmail (& mobiles)
  • People Finder (NHSmail directory)
  • Data security & practical tips
  • Technical queries & escalation
  • NHSmail upgrade & new features
  • MS Teams
  • Virtual Visits pilot (NHSmail users)
  • Top tips
  • FAQs

Visit the NHSmail website