Appliance Use Review

Appliance Use Review (AUR) was the second Advanced Service to be introduced into the NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF).

AURs can be carried out by a pharmacist or a specialist nurse in the pharmacy or at the patient’s home. Alternatively, where clinically appropriate and with the agreement of the patient, AURs can be provided by telephone or video consultation, in circumstances where the conversation cannot be overheard by others (except by someone whom the patient wants to hear the conversation, for example a carer).

AURs should improve the patient’s knowledge and use of any ‘specified appliance‘ by:

  • establishing the way the patient uses the appliance and the patient’s experience of such use
  • identifying, discussing and assisting in the resolution of poor or ineffective use of the appliance by the patient
  • advising the patient on the safe and appropriate storage of the appliance
  • advising the patient on the safe and proper disposal of the appliances that are used or unwanted

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