Sexual Health Hull

COVID-19 Amendments to service:

Telephone consultation allowed



Service Period:

01/04/2020 – extended to 31/03/25

If you require a copy of the Service Specification or Service Contract, please contact to request a copy.

Please note most service specification documents are hosted and downloadable from the PharmOutcomes Service platform.


Updated PGD’s have been shared directly with pharmacies and are available to download and print from the PharmOutcomes platform.

Copies of the signed PGDs must be retained within the pharmacy and be available for inspection if requested. Pharmacists providing EHC via PGD across a number of pharmacies must sign the PGD at each pharmacy where they deliver the service.


Read the Service Specification and complete the necessary training/CPD to provide the service.

Please make sure that all pharmacists providing the EHC service read, understand and agree to work within the new Patient Group Directions by signing each PGD to confirm acceptance and understanding. A copy of the signed PGD must be available within each pharmacy where you work and be available for inspection by the commissioner if required.

Declare your competencies, (CPPE Declaration of Competency) and Enrol on the PO platform.


PDGs, Excluded client sheet, Ulipristal acetate client information sheet, Levonorgestrel client information leaflet are hosted on the PharmOutcomes platform and can be downloaded and printed off.

A paper consultation form has also been developed and attached to the platform for you to download should you not have access to a live platform during the consultation.


All claims to be submitted via the PharmOutcomes platform by 5th of the month

Chlamydia Kits:

CHCP are no longer commissioned to provide the Chlamydia kits to pharmacies. Any Hull patients requiring a Chlamydia kit will need to be sign posted to one of the CHCP sexual health clinics: details available on the following website:

Sites for EHC as at 21/09/23 – please telephone first to make sure an accredited pharmacist is available:

ODS Code Pharmacy Name Address 1 Address 2 Town Post Code
FCJ99 ASDA Pharmacy Asda Supermarket Main Road Bilton Hull HU11 4AL
FDE47 ASDA Pharmacy Asda Superstore Kingswood Retail Park Hull HU7 4HS
FE336 ASDA Pharmacy Asda Superstore Hessle Road Hull HU3 4PE
FE548 ASDA Pharmacy Asda Supermarket Mount Pleasant Retail Park Hull HU9 2BN
FQW70 Bethune Avenue Pharmacy 75 Bethune Avenue Hull HU4 7EH
FC741 Boots Pharmacy 132 Chanterlands Avenue Hull HU5 3TR
FCD13 Boots Pharmacy 63a Church Street Sutton-on-Hull Hull HU7 4TG
FCG94 Boots Pharmacy Unit 3a Kingston Retail Park Hull HU1 2TX
FCT56 Boots Pharmacy 464 Holderness Road Hull HU9 3DS
FDY08 Boots Pharmacy St Stephens Shopping Centre 110 Ferensway Hull HU2 8LN
FF055 Boots Pharmacy 139 Newland Avenue Hull HU5 2ES
FGE19 Boots Pharmacy The Orchard Centre 210 Orchard Park Road Hull HU6 9BX
FGG76 Boots Pharmacy 218 Hessle Road Hull HU3 3BG
FJR03 Boots Pharmacy 860 Beverley High Road Hull HU6 7HP
FKJ52 Boots Pharmacy Kingswood Retail Park Hull HU7 3DA
FL087 Boots Pharmacy North Point Shopping Centre 55 Goodhart Road Hull HU7 4EF
FQP42 Boots Pharmacy 153 Beverley Road Hull HU3 1TY
FXQ44 Boots Pharmacy 763 Hessle Road Hull HU4 6PJ
FMG97 Brocklehurst Chemist 214 Willerby Road Hull HU5 5JW
FVN84 Brocklehurst Chemist 801 Hotham Road South Hull HU5 5JX
FHJ42 Chanterlands Pharmacy 123 Chanterlands Avenue Hull HU5 3TG
FGL30 City Health Pharmacy 16 Goodwin Parade Hull HU3 2HA
FQJ68 City Health Pharmacy 81 Southbridge Road Hull HU9 1TR
FH891 Day Lewis Pharmacy 59/61 Newland Avenue Hull HU5 3BG
FJ602 Exel Pharmacy 284-286 Southcoates Lane Hull HU9 3AP
FXH62 Grampian Way-Pharmacy+Health Grampian Shopping Centre Hull HU7 5BJ
FJ235 Hull Late Night Pharmacy 124-127 Witham Hull HU9 1AT
FEH50 Hull Pharmacy 564 Beverley Road Hull HU6 7LG
FD005 Jhoots Pharmacy Elliott Chappell Health Centre Walcott Street Hull HU3 4BB
FM846 Jhoots Pharmacy School Lane Kingswood Hull HU7 3JQ
FM908 Keiths Chemist 404 Cottingham Road Hull HU6 8QE
FXC74 Morrill Pharmacy 312 Holderness Road Hull HU9 3DA
FPE12 Newington Pharmacy 525 Anlaby Road Hull HU3 6EN
FHX22 Princes Pharmacy 4 Princes Court Princes Avenue Hull HU5 3QA
FTF93 Sutton Manor Pharmacy Sutton Manor Surgery St Ives Close Hull HU7 4PT
FC789 Tesco In-Store Pharmacy Hall Road Hull HU6 7XP
FW050 Tesco In-Store Pharmacy St Stephens Hull HU2 8RW
FR726 Whitworth Chemist 264 Bricknell Avenue Hull HU5 4QG
FCF18 Wilberforce Pharmacy 21 Story Street Hull HU1 3SA