Dispensing Appliances

Pharmacists may regularly dispense appliances in the course of their business, or they may dispense such prescriptions infrequently, or they may have taken a decision not to dispense them at all.  Whilst the Terms of Service requires a pharmacist to dispense any (non-Part XVIIIA listed) medicine “with reasonable promptness”, for appliances the obligation to dispense arises only if the pharmacist supplies such products “in the normal course of business”.

For a link to the Terms of Service of Service for pharmacists click here.

All community pharmacy contractors choosing to dispense appliances in the normal course of their business are required to comply with the following Essential Services requirements: click here to visit PSNC then click on the headings for more information on below:

Minimising waste
Repeat Dispensing
Identification of the pharmacy
Home delivery
Supplementary items
Clinical advice about appliances
Emergency supplies
Fee levels
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