NHS England Service Level Agreements (NHS Hull CCG)

Section C Resources

Section Service Name Resources Last updated
C1 Medicine Record Charts for Carers None n/a
C2 EL23 Medicines Administration Support Service None n/a
C3 Minor Ailments Service

Appendix 3.1 Participating GP surgeries

Appendix 3.2 FPPharm Amended July 17

Appendix 3.3 GP referral form

Appendix 3.4 Gillick competence form

Appendix 3.5 Receptionists protocol

Appendix 3.6 Conditions flyer

Appendix 3.7 Clinical management guidance

Appendix 3.8 Formulary listing

Appendix 3.9 Record keeping guidance

Appendix 3.10 Condition monographs

Hull MAS summary V1.1 Jan 19

C4 Palliative Care Stockist Service

Appendix C4.1 List of Drugs Stocked

Appendix C4.2 Set up instructions

Appendix C4.3 Periodic return instructions

Appendix C4.4 Payment guidance

Appendix 4.5 CPD guidance

Palliative Care Pharmacies and Drugs List

Palliative Care – Stock Check Part A

Palliative Care – Stock Check Part B

Guide to claiming part A and B sites PO instructions

Guide to claiming part A sites PO instructions

17th Oct 2018
C5 Community Pharmacy Point of Dispensing Intervention Service

PODIS flowchart 


PODIS Platform changes

C6 Community Pharmacy Emergency Repeat Medication Service None n/a