Public Health (Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles)

Each financial year (1st April to 31st March), pharmacies are required to participate in up to six health campaigns at the request of NHS England. This generally involves the display and distribution of leaflets provided by NHS England; see further details below.

In addition, pharmacies are required to undertake prescription-linked interventions on major areas of public health concern, such as encouraging smoking cessation. The requirements are set out in the service specification:

Essential Service 4 – Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles (Public Health) Service Specification
Please note that changes to the requirements for health campaigns have been made since the publication of the service specification.

Visit CPE for more info on the following:

  • Mandatory health campaign topics for the current year
  • Previous health campaigns
  • Collection of data on campaigns
  • Community Pharmacy England guidance on provision of materials for the public health campaigns
  • Related resources

Public Health England – Campaigns Resource Centre

Pharmacies can download a variety of award winning marketing campaigns (resources & materials) on a local level from Public Health England’s campaigns resource centre. Campaigns include Change 4 Life, Be Clear on Cancer, Act F.A.S.T, Sepsis, Smokefree, Stoptober, Stay well this Winter, Breast Cancer, NHS 111, Anti-microbial Resistance, NHS Health checks and many more.

To access all the Public Health materials and resources, you need to register on the website at:

Virtual Outcomes:

Virtual Outcomes is an online training suite and is now available to pharmacies in the Humber area, which offers Free online training over a number of areas.

Visit our Virtual Outcomes page for more info