Sexual Health ER


East Riding Council

Service Spec/PGD’s:

From 1st October 2017 revised patient group directions (PGDs) for Levonorgestrel and Ulipristal acetate become operational and the previous PGDs become invalid (EXPIRED).

For a Summary of PGD Changes click here

Contract Variation Jan 18:

Contractors will have received a contract variation to extend the service to 31/03/2020. Contractors wishing to continue with the service please sign and return the below document to:

Variation Contract

Return to:
Jim Wallis
Planning and Procurement Officer
Room FG4
County Hall
HU17 9BA


It is essential that anyone providing the ERoY EHC service after 1st October 2017 works within the new PGDs. Please make sure that all pharmacists providing the EHC service read, understand and agree to work within the new Patient Group Directions by signing each PGD to confirm acceptance and understanding. A copy of the signed PGD must be available within each pharmacy where you work and be available for inspection by the commissioner if required. A Contract Variation is available by clicking here: this needs to be signed and returned to: East Riding Council by 12 October 2017. (Please complete your pharmacy details under “Provider” highlighted in yellow in the Contract Variation).

If you have not attended one of the four training sessions offered during September which covered the clinical aspects contained in the new PGDs, then you can still provide the service as long as you make sure you understand and apply the new PGD criteria and declare your competencies, (CPPE Declaration of Competency).

A new PharmOutcomes platform entitled EHC on PGD (ERYC) Consultation and Supply Oct 17 – Mar 18 has been developed to support the revised criteria as specified within the new Patient Group Directions. Each Pharmacist must re-enrol on the new platform declaring their competencies and understanding of the revisions to the PGDs and EHC service.

All supporting documentation has been updated in line with the changes; revised documents including the new PDGs, are hosted on the platform and can be downloaded and printed off.

A paper consultation form has also been developed and attached to the platform for you to download should you not have access to a live platform during the consultation.


The Revised platform EHC on PGD (ERYC) Consultation and Supply Oct 17 – Mar 18 should now be visible on your PharmOutcomes service options list. It will not allow data to be entered prior to 1st October 2017, however enrolment can be completed in advance of this date.

The current EHC platform entitled EHC on PGD (ERYC) Consultation and Supply 2016/17 will remain open for a number of weeks to enable retrospective consultations to be added. Any provisions made prior to 1st October 2017 MUST be recorded on the old platform and any consultations held on or after 1st October 2017 must be made on the new platform.

Please note: Payment claims for all consultations will be submitted automatically from the PharmOutcomes platform on 6th of the month, therefore ALL consultations must be recorded and saved on the PO platform to ensure payment is claimed.

Chlamydia Kits:

CHCP are no longer commissioned to provide the Chlamydia kits to pharmacies. If an East Riding patient requires a chlamydia screening kit, they can request a kit to be sent to their home address from the following website


As of  17/04/18 the following pharmacies have a contract to provide the EHC service to ER residents; however please telephone first to make sure an accredited pharmacist is available:
Asda Pharmacy (Branch: 4126 – HESSLE HULL) – FE336
Asda Pharmacy (Branch: 4245 – Hull Mount Pleasant) – FE548
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 0551 – Bridlington Promenade) – FD898
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 0570 – Hull Prospect Centre) – FDY08
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 0576 – Hull Newland Avenue) – FF055
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 0588 – Hull Whitefriargate) – FYX77
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 0595 – Driffield Middle St Sth) – FHX75
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 1667 – Beverley Toll Gavel) – FEC09
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5019 – Hull Hessle 2 Square) – FLL20
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5057 – Goole Wesley Square) – FNP41
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5472 – Withernsea 124 Qn AP0472) – FJM51
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5587 – Cottingham King St AP587) – FK665
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5590 – Hull Hessle Road AP0590) – FGG76
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5776 – Gilberdyke Scalby AP776) – FNT90
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5777 – Howden AP0777) – FE985
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5779 – Hull Anlaby AP0779) – FVL19
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5902 – Hull 153 Bev Rd Hc AP0902) – FQP42
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5904 – Hull Nth Ferriby AP0904) – FNA15
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5910 – Market Weighton AP0910) – FLE17
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5911 – Hull Hessle 19 Sq AP0911) – FQT42
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5913 – Hull Willerby AP0913) – FM088
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5919 – Beverley Walkergt AP0919) – FHD09
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5923 – Pocklington Mkt P AP0923) – FJ848
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5926 – Hull Bransholme AP0926) – FL087
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5929 – Hull Swanland AP0929) – FC833
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5930 – Bridlington 7Quay AP0930) – FJG10
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5936 – Withernsea Queen St AP936) – FL966
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5937 – Hedon Market Place AP937) – FJP31
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5947 – Thorngumbald AP0947) – FPM25
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 5980 – Bridlington Prom AP0980) – FVM76
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 6417 – Hull Kingswood Retail Park) – FKJ52
Boots UK Ltd (Branch: 6550 – Hull Kingston Retail Park) – FCG94
Bridlington Late Night Pharmacy – FHF34
Brocklehurst Chemists (Willerby Rd) – FMG97
Brocklehurst Chemists (Wold Rd) – FH564
Cohens Chemist (Market Weighton) – FJ024
Day Lewis PLC (Branch: 245 – Hornsea) – FD136
Day Lewis PLC (Branch: 278 – Hull, Newland) – FH891
East Riding Pharmacy (Hedon) – FDC68
Holme Pharmacy – FNL62
Leven Pharmacy – FVC85
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 0343 – Cottingham) – FTC54
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 6271 – Samman Road) – FRD88
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 6282 – Goole) – FPP15
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 6289 – Brough) – FYV76
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 6296 – Morrill Street) – FL168
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 6298 – Anlaby Road) – FXM77
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 6350 – Fifth Avenue Goole) – FV786
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 7367 – Hornsea) – FA020
LloydsPharmacy (Branch: 7368 – Bethune Avenue) – FMH75
Meds UK Ltd (Marton Road Pharmacy) – FLF64
Molescroft Pharmacy – FF850
Newington Pharmacy – FPE12
Superdrug Pharmacy (Branch: 0717 – Beverley) – FCN03
Tesco Instore Pharmacy (2593 Boothferry Rd Goole) – FPA06
Tesco Instore Pharmacy (Hornsea) – FV203
West Hill Pharmacy (West Hill Pharmacy) – FE319
Whitworth Chemists Ltd (264 Bricknell Avenue) – FR726
WM Morrison Pharmacy (Beverley) – FTC85