Point of Dispensing Intervention Service (PODIS) – ER

Launching our newly commissioned PODIS Animation

Community Pharmacy Humber is pleased to share with you our newly commissioned animation to explain the PODIS service.

Please Note: Our domain name has changed and the Medication Use Review service has been de-commissioned since this animation was produced

Commissioned by:

NHS England on behalf of ERoY CCG

Service Period:

01/04/2018 – extended to 31/03/23

The aims of the service are:

  • To reduce the number of unwanted medicines dispensed and therefore wasted, by not dispensing items patients do not require.
  • To notify the prescriber when an item prescribed has not been dispensed.
  • To promote, support and encourage good repeat/ prescribing practices with patients and GP practices.
  • To highlight over or under usage of medicines to the prescriber.
  • To inform the prescriber whether the continued supply or non-supply of items would be considered clinically significant.

The service has been commissioned by NHS England on behalf of NHS ERoY CCG as a local enhanced service under the community pharmacy contractual framework.

Service Specification:

FINAL East Riding CCG NHSE Pharmacy SLA 2018-21 – Reference CopySee section B4 for the PODIS Service


PODIS Contact Us Slide V1.2 Sept 21

PODIS Form Final version 1.1 June 21

Completing PODIS Service flowchart Version 1.1 June 21

ER Pharmacies wishing to provide the ER Point of Dispensing Intervention Service who attended the launch event held on 30th August 2017, must complete the sign-up sheet. The Sign-up sheet (see your SLA) can be printed off, signed and scanned for return by email to: england.pharmacyreturns@nhs.net or alternatively can be posted to: Primary Care Team, NHS England, Ground Floor, Health House, Grange Park Lane, Willerby, HU10 6DT

Pharmacies who did not attend the launch event who are interested in providing the service must contact Humber LPC at humber.lpc@nhs.net  for further guidance.

The LPC encourages all ER pharmacies to participate in this valuable service.

Please note: Branches of multiples are advised to check with their head office before downloading and signing up to this service, as service contracts are dealt with centrally through your head office contracting department.


The service must be recorded and delivered through the PharmOutcomes platform and all payment claims will be submitted via the PharmOutcomes automated mechanism on the 5th day of the month.