Medicine Record Charts for Carers ER

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NHS England on behalf of  ERY CCG

Aims and intended outcomes of the service:

For community pharmacies to support domiciliary care workers in the safe administration of medication by preparing medication record charts (Medicine Record Chart) for patients under their care.

By the pharmacy adding duplicate labels of dispensed medication to the charts only as indicated in (Schedule 1).

The social services team will contact the pharmacy following completion of a fullers assessment for a patient to ask if they will set up a chart. Once agreed the social services team will then send a copy of the fullers report to the pharmacy.

Service Period:

01/04/2018 – extended to 31/03/25

If you require a copy of the Service Specification or Service Contract, please contact to request a copy.

Please note most service specification documents are hosted and downloadable from the PharmOutcomes Service platform.


No additional training required but please read service specification.

To order more medicine record charts:

All requests for medicine record charts need to be submitted using the pro forma template and will be processed twice a month.

Orders received by close of play on the first Monday of the month will be distributed by the Friday of that same week.

Orders received by the third Monday of the month will be distributed by the Friday of that same week.

Please fill in the proforma below and email to:

If you have not received your order within 2 weeks, please email:



All claims to be submitted via the PharmOutcomes Platform.

All payment claims will be submitted via the PharmOutcomes automated mechanism on the 5th day of the month

Paper claims will no longer be accepted