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NHSmail is a centrally funded and managed secure email and communications service which is approved by the NHS for exchanging patient data.The NHSmail service is available anywhere, over either the NHS N3 network or the open internet. The service can be viewed through a free web based client or alternatively pharmacies can choose to connect the service to a local email client they have purchased, for example Microsoft Outlook.The key benefit of the service is its security, which means it can be used for transmission of patient information between health professionals. Examples of the types of information that can be transmitted through the service include patient MUR information and hospital discharge communications.

For a number of years, community pharmacies in England have been able to request a shared NHSmail account. To access a shared NHSmail mailbox, users must have their own personal NHSmail address which is linked to the shared mailbox. This is to allow different staff members to access the mailbox without sharing of login details.

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In the event of a query for NHS Digital, please contact pharmacyadmin@nhs.net so that emails go directly to the national NHSmail team managing pharmacy accounts. The general NHSmail national helpdesk may be able to help in some scenarios (0333 200 1133), however where possible please contact the NHSmail pharmacy admin team.

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