Controlled Drugs

Controlled drugs information

NUMSAS – Inapproriate Supplies of CDs (Letter to pharmacies May 2018 Tackling inappropriate supplies of Controlled/High Risk drugs)

Communication between prescriber and pharmacist

Patient misses medication for more then 3 days

CDAO Newsletter July 2018

All serious CD incidents must be reported to the Accountable Office, Gazala Khan.  To do this you can make contact via: or fax: 01904 633096.

Routine CD incidents: Introduction of a web based reporting tool for reporting of all routine Controlled Drugs incidents

From 1st November 2017, contractors are to use the web based tool for the reporting of CD incidents. See letter for instructions on how to register on the tool and the support available: Letter  to Pharmacies

Area of Work Address Tel
Accountable Officer – controlled drugs, CD
reporting etc, fraudulent prescriptions.
Advice on CD matters and reporting of CD

The CD Accountable Officer for Y&H is now
Gazala Khan. It is a requirement that serious CD
incidents must be reported to the Accountable

CD Reporting Lost / stolen prescriptions: 0113 825 5238


Controlled Drugs Destruction Requests Requests are to be made via
Any other queries, email: