Pharmacy First is LIVE!

Pharmacy First is LIVE!

The much-anticipated Pharmacy First service is now live following weeks of intense preparation across the community pharmacy sector. We hope all that have signed up feel as prepared as you can be to support the service and have all the resources available to you in case of any questions.

Posters like this one are available via the CPE website, amongst many others. We would recommend displaying the seven common conditions poster as it details the patient and age criteria alongside the condition. Download this poster.
CPE are continuing to add to their bank of resources about the service and it is still not too late to attend one of their drop-in sessions on the service for more support.

Promoting the service to the public:

If any pharmacists are asked to give media interviews about the launch, you may find CPE’s Media Lines helpful.

Ahead of the NHS’s public PR campaign, CPE have released various resources to help pharmacies promote the Pharmacy First service. Download posters, social media tiles, videos, and more below.

Introducing the service to GP practices:

CPE has published a template letter/email that can be sent to GP practices introducing the service; they previously published a briefing for GP practice teams that can also be sent with the letter/email.

Virtual Outcomes  also has a GP training module which gives a great 16 minute overview of what Pharmacy First is all about. Link to share:

Is your NHS Website and DoS profile up to date?

Pharmacies should be verifying/editing their NHS website and DoS profiles at least once every quarter anyway, but it will be even more important to do this regularly now that Pharmacy First has launched. This ensures that referrals are received for the services that are available and also feeds into the Service Finders that are currently promoted on the NHS website for PCS & HCFS. We suspect that a service finder may also become available that will allow patients to find a pharmacy that offers the Pharmacy First service.

Pharmacy First launches across England – read the full update
Download posters, media tiles, videos, and more

Visit CPE’s Pharmacy First webpage

Annex D Key Contact Details for Pharmacy First:

To support you with your SOP, Annex D’s for Pharmacy First have been prepared by the ICB and were emailed to all pharmacies on Friday the 26th of January 2024. There is one for Hull and ERoY, one for NL, and one for NEL. These are similar to the old Annex Cs required under CPCS. If you are unable to find the email or need copy of these contact details then please or

The latest CPCS newsletter is available now too.

View CPCS Newsletter

More info on Pharmacy First:

If you need further help and support or are not currently signed up to provide the service and want to find out more, then please visit our website on the link below for further info on the following:

  • Introduction and background
  • Service specification and other documentation
  • Getting ready to provide the service
  • PGDs and protocols
  • Webinars on-demand & drop-in sessions
  • Pathway videos
  • NHS England video clips
  • Funding and claiming payment
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Resources for the service
  • Resources to promote the service
  • Competency and Training requirements
  • PharmOutcomes training guides
  • Virtual Outcomes training

Visit our Pharmacy First page