Are you a Pharmacist/Team member who speaks a language other than English?

Would you be willing to support a colleague pharmacist by translating a non-English spoken language to enable them to provide a pharmaceutical service in a Community Pharmacy in the Humber region?

The LPC have previously been called upon for advice in sourcing support to enable a local pharmacist to provide a service for a patient who could not speak English. This has highlighted that there is a difficulty in providing translation services within community pharmacy that enable a pharmacist to make the necessary clinical decision regarding the supply of a medicine.

You may recall in previous issues of the Weekly Digest that we have asked for your help, if willing, to collate a list of Pharmacists, and their teams, and the additional language/s you may speak. You could be called upon to support a local pharmacist ask the right questions and receive a clear reply to enable them to make a clinical decision.

In light of the current War in Ukraine, we would like to update this list of pharmacists/teams and languages they speak. We ask for any other team members/pharmacists to complete the form, especially those who may speak Ukrainian or other relevant languages.

Your contact details will be contained on a list along with the additional language/s that you speak. These details will be used by the LPC only and never shared without your verbal or written consent.

The LPC has a SOP which maintains compliance with GDPR and can share this as appropriate.

If you are happy to provide your details, please fill in the form below:

Multi Language Speaking Pharmacist Consent Form

Complete this form with your details, one form per person

(no spaces eg: 01482335824)