Smoking Service NL

New North Lincolnshire Smoking Service Launched December 2017

Provision of Nicotine replacement therapy via an electronic voucher scheme (E-NRT voucher using PharmOutcomes direct referral to pharmacies) AND Provision of Varenicline under Patient Group Direction by accredited pharmacists


NL Council

Due to a delay in signing off the PGD contractors will have received a second contract offer to provide the electronic Nicotine Replacement Therapy voucher service (eNRT)

The new sign off process for pharmacies who wish to participate is as follows:

  • Review the contract
  • Add the relevant details to the emailed contract
  • Print and sign the relevant signatory page – having given full regard to the service specifications contained and terms of the contract.
  • Scan or photograph the signed page
  • The amended contract and scan/photo of the signed agreement should then be emailed to

IF you wish you can still print off the full amended contract, sign it and return it by post using the address given below.

Greg Gough
Health Improvement Practitioner (Advanced)
North Lincolnshire Council
Church Square House
North Lincolnshire
DN15 6NL

On receipt of signed contracts the council will notify the LPC who will activate the e-voucher section of PharmOutcomes for your pharmacy. The system will then be live.

Contracts for the delivery of the Varenicline via PGD service will be sent out at a later date once the PGD has been finalised.

Service Specification:


NL Contract for eNRT – FINAL Signed

Frequently asked questions January 2018

 E-NRT Voucher service:

Nicotine replacement vouchers will be sent electronically to pharmacies via PharmOutcomes for dispensing. The cost of the NRT provided will be reimbursed in full at tariff price, and each product supplied will attract a dispensing fee of £3.15

Varenicline under Patient Group Direction Service:

Pharmacies will work in partnership with the client and North Lincolnshire healthy lifestyle service throughout a 12 week quit plan.

A fee structure has been agreed as follows:

  • £15 for the initial PGD consultation with pharmacist
  • £7 per fortnightly PGD intervention with the pharmacist
  • Reimbursement of Varenicline costs at drug tariff rate plus VAT 5%


Via the PharmOutcomes Platform

Claims will run automatically on 6th of the month.