Refer to Pharmacy Transfer of Care


Sometimes patients leaving hospital need extra support taking their medicines. This may be
because they’ve had changes to their medicines, have started something new, or just need a bit of
help to ensure they are taking their medicines safely and effectively. Patients say they don’t
always remember everything they are told in hospital so having someone go through it again,
discussing side effects and checking their understanding is very helpful.

Transfer of Care allows patients who have been identified in hospital as needing additional support
with their medicines to be referred (through a safe and secure digital platform), to their local
community pharmacy when they are discharged.

Since April 2016, Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust have been referring patients to their
Community pharmacy. However, this was just from the Cardiology ward at Castle Hill and
therefore the level of referrals and completions was relatively low.

Community Pharmacy Humber has now secured funding from Yorkshire & Humber Academic
Health Science Network (YHAHSN) to expand the project, working in partnership with Hull
University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Patients from the Respiratory Ward and Discharge Lounge at Hull Royal Infirmary are now being
referred and the project will be rolled out to more wards soon.

There is huge potential for Community Pharmacists to improve patient care at the point of
discharge from hospital.

To access a referral:

    • Log onto PharmOutcomes
    • Click ‘Services Tab’
    • Transfer of Care (ToC) Pharmacy Referral Follow up.
    • Open and click to ‘accept’.
    • Can print off if wish
  • Contact patient and ask them to come in and bring their medication and/or Discharge letter
  • When patient comes in pharmacist can either do MUR or NMS* or discuss any services that may benefit the patient  and signpost if necessary e.g. Stop Smoking Services.
  • Pharmacist claims for any service done in usual way.
  • Go back onto referral on PharmOutcomes and click complete to fill in form so hospital are aware.

*Please note that NMS can be provided when receiving a referral by a HealthCare professional at the hospital where the new medication has been prescribed (don’t need to wait for a GP prescription to be presented).


If you missed the training on Tuesday 12th June 2019 you can access the presentation below along with lots of other resources:

Refer to Pharmacy Consolidated presentation final

Guidance for Community Pharmacies Transfer of Care version 1.0

You can view a static copy the PharmOutcomes platform here

You can read more about RiO scores here

HUFT pharmacy department have provided a summary of the standard drug regimes and medication changes for cardiology patients.

Local prescribing guidelines are also available from the Hull and East Riding Prescribing Committee

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