C-19 lateral flow device distribution service

At the end of March 2021, a new Advanced service – the NHS community pharmacy COVID-19 lateral flow device distribution service – was added to the NHS Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework.

This service, which pharmacy contractors can choose to provide, as long as they meet the necessary requirements, aims to improve access to COVID-19 testing by making lateral flow device (LFD) test kits readily available at community pharmacies for asymptomatic people, to identify COVID-positive cases in the community and break the chain of transmission. Pharmacy contractors that sign up to the service before the 18th of April 2021 will receive a set up payment of £450.

The service will work alongside existing NHS Test and Trace COVID-19 testing routes.

Read the PSNC news story announcing the new service

Please click here to visit PSNC for more info on the following:

  • Introduction
  • Overview of the service
  • Preparing to provide the service
  • Funding and claiming payment
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Resources

Virtual Outcomes training:

Virtual Outcomes have a training package now LIVE and FREE to view in relation to the LFT distribution service. Please take a look and hopefully your pharmacy will sign up ASAP. Click here to view the course flyer.

LFT / LFD Policy Change:

As of 30th March, all individuals including Health and Social Care workers with a positive LFT are required to take a follow-up PCR, whether the LFT test was assisted or self-reported. A positive LFT will trigger the legal requirement to self-isolate. The legal notification will be rescinded if there is a negative follow-up PCR result obtained within 48 hours of the positive LFD test result. Contact tracing will begin immediately after a positive LFT result without waiting for the follow-up PCR test.

The tracing will be stopped, and self-isolation rescinded, where there is a negative follow up PCR test result obtained within 48 hours.