Safe Spaces for Domestic Abuse Victims

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) are encouraging pharmacies to consider providing a safe space for victims of domestic abuse, as part of the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign run by Hestia, a national charity. Whilst there is a partnership in place with Boots, any pharmacy can get involved by making their consultation rooms available as safe spaces where victims of domestic abuse can contact specialist services for support and advice.

Pharmacies are asked to display posters within their consultation rooms and provide service information for support and advice. Humber LPC actively encourages contractors to become involved in this fantastic initiative at a time when cases of domestic abuse in homes are on the rise during the pandemic.

Key workers in pharmacies hold a unique position as a single point of contact for victims of domestic abuse. As such any pharmacy can get involved and become a Safe Space by following some simple steps.

For more information about how pharmacies can become a Safe Space, download posters, shelf-cards, window stickers and the tool-kit please click here.

There is also a very good article in The Independent about the initiative, please click here to read.