NHSmail: Changes to shared mailbox names

NHS Digital is introducing an improved naming convention for pharmacy shared mailboxes. The new format is scheduled to roll-out to pharmacy NHSmail users in mid-September 2020 using the following convention:

Shared mailbox email address: pharmacy.ODScode@nhs.net
Display name: Pharmacy.ODScode (Pharmacy name, Town)

The current naming system includes additional pharmacy address information within the shared mailbox email address.

After the change is made, an email notification will be sent to the shared pharmacy mailbox to advise of the new shared mailbox email address. An email alias will be created for the previous email address so pharmacy teams will still receive emails should anyone continue to email using the older and longer email address.

PSNC has been seeking this change for several years, as feedback from contractors agreed that the original naming convention was too long and a shorter alias version would be preferred. NHS Digital’s 2019 NHSmail survey results also supported the need for change.

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