Weight Management Health Campaign update & Free Virtual Outcomes training


Please click here to access this short training course to ensure you and your team are fully briefed on the campaign.

By now, all pharmacies should have received the materials to support the mandatory weight management health campaign. If you have not, then please email  partnerships@phe.gov.uk with ‘Weight Management Pharmacy Packs’ in the subject line and include their pharmacy name and address in the email.

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Contractors will not be required to record the number of people to whom information is provided or any additional information for the weight management campaign; however, contractors are reminded that, as part of the Healthy living support domain of the 2021/22 Pharmacy Quality Scheme, pharmacy teams are required to proactively discuss weight management with a minimum of 25 patients and refer at least one patient (who meets the criteria for referral) to either a Local Authority funded tier 2 weight management service, or the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme. Pharmacy teams could therefore consider using the campaign materials as a conversation starter to assist them with meeting these requirements.

Below is a reminder of some current services and resources already available to support weight management, that also count towards this year’s PQS:

Reminder of Tier 2 Weight Management services available in Hull & ERoY:

Please find below some information with regard to the Tier 2 Weight Management services in Hull & ERoY.

This information will help support you in relation to Domain 7, Weight Management of the PQS. It would be great if you could put the posters up in the pharmacy if you can and help promote the services.

Healthy Hull poster
Healthy Hull leaflet
HealthiER flyer

Reminder of PQS NHS Digital Weight Management Programme resources:

The NHS Digital Weight Management Programme has produced two resources to assist community pharmacies with referring patients to the programme as part of the requirements for the Healthy living support Domain of the 2021/22 PQS.The first is a short video explaining how a member of the pharmacy team can make a referral to the programme, the second is a screen saver which can be used to promote the programme.Watch the video and download the screensaver via the link below:

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