MUR/NMS quarterly submissions

MUR/NMS quarterly submissions

April 18, 2019

Community pharmacy contractors are reminded of the requirement to submit completed Medicines Use Review (MUR) and/or New Medicine Service (NMS) electronic reporting templates to the NHS Business Services Authority (NHS BSA) within 10 working days from the last day of March, June, September & December.

Further information on the process to follow to submit MUR and/or NMS quarterly information can be found on the NHS BSA website.

The data will be publicised; therefore it is imperative that contractors submit their data on time. NHS England will be sending letters to those pharmacies who have not submitted their quarterly returns and will be enforcing the regulations for contractors submitting wef financial year 2019/20.

Please Note:
The LPC recommends that pharmacies keep/print a copy of the confirmation email you receive when you submit your quarterly data to the NHS BSA, as evidence of submission.

Interim funding arrangements for Half 1 2019/20 were announced on 8th March 2019. As part of these arrangements, it has been agreed that contractors will be paid for a maximum of 200 MURs from 1st April to 30th September 2019. This is because further discussions about the service will form part of the wider negotiations for 2019/20. There is still a requirement for 70% of the MUR consultations carried out between 1St April and 30 Sept 2019 to be with patients who are in one or more of the target groups. Remember that if you have reached your 200 MURs (or 60 non-target) you can claim for additional MURs as part of the PODIS service.

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