Improvements made to the NHS Service Finder tool

NHS Digital has introduced improvements to their NHS Service Finder online search tool. The NHS Service Finder is a free tool that provides access to information from the Directory of Services (DoS) and the NHS website. The tool’s purpose is to allow pharmacy teams and other healthcare professionals to search for service information quickly, thereby making it easier to signpost patients to the correct service.

The latest changes to the NHS Service Finder include:

  • A restyling of the search results list;
  • A restyling of the service details to make them more navigable and consistent; and
  • A new function to enable users to filter search results by type and opening hours.

Following these, and other changes, it is predicted that searches using the NHS Service Finder tool will be up to 30% faster. PSNC requested that these changes be made and will continue to provide input to the NHS Service Finder team based on contractor feedback.

Learn more about these enhancements to the NHS Service Finder