EPS Phase 4 updates

Roll-out of Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) Phase 4 to GP practices enables those GP practices to use electronic prescribing even for those patients that do not have EPS nomination. This helps the move towards greater percentage of EPS dispensing.

During the COVID-19 pandemic there have been updates to one off nominations, remote use and multi-sites & SCR which can be accessed from the following link.

Please click here for more info on the following:

COVID-19 updates included within sections about: Rollouts and Updated guidance about remote use of Phase 4 and EPS.

  • Phase 4 explained
  • Prep before Phase 4
  • Rollouts (updated April 2020)
  • One-off nomination (in some prescribing systems only)
  • Tracking prescriptions if patients have lost their Phase 4 token
  • Remote use of Phase 4 and EPS (updated April 2020)
  • Top tips
  • GP practice materials
  • Reporting issues
  • FAQs
  • Further information
  • Queries

Click here to access COVID-19 updates on multi sites & SCR

Click here for quicker access on tips to locating missing prescriptions or access the prescription tracker

Please Note: It is important that when using EPS Tracker to search for a Phase 4 prescription that you ensure that the ‘my site’ box is not ticked when searching by NHS number

Phase 4 information for dispensers

Local Information

Click here to read more about Out of hours GPs go live with EPS – Hull & ERoY

Virtual outcomes training:

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