End-of-month submission reminder

Whilst community pharmacies are experiencing unprecedented demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are reminded of the importance of submitting their end of month prescription bundle and FP34C.

The monthly submission bundle and its associated FP34C submission document is effectively a pharmacy’s invoice to the NHS for payment and without it no payment can be made. In the current circumstances it is therefore more important than ever to ensure the submission is made in good time.

PSNC recognises that these are challenging times and has gained agreement from NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) to the suspension of other requirements due by or shortly after 31st March 2020 – i.e. quarterly NMS returns and annual complaints reports (see: COVID-19 Update: PQS, pharmacy services and payments). However, no such change has yet been made for end-of-month submissions; contractors must therefore continue to submit these as normal.

Submission tips

Contractors should submit their end of month bundle and FP34C using their usual delivery method no later than the 5th day of the month following that in which supply was made. However, they may also wish to consider the following advice in light of the current situation:

  • With pharmacies seeing an increase in prescription volumes including many coming from displaced patients, please remember to check and apply the correct exempt or paid status on both EPS and paper prescriptions before submitting for payment.
  • Contractors can obtain and view PMR system supplier reports which show total of  paper prescriptions dispensed and EPS claims submitted and paper prescriptions dispensed to date.
  • Where possible, contractors are urged to use Manage Your Service (MYS), which can be accessed remotely, to submit their FP34C month-end declarations electronically and send the paper prescription bundle with a copy of their printed FP34C that reflects their electronic submission.
  • If your regular courier service is unavailable, contractors should make alternative arrangements for delivery of bundles using a secure track and trace method.

Further guidance on preparing your prescription bundle can be found in our prescription submission section.

If a pharmacy is faced with an emergency (unplanned) closure and does not expect to open during the usual end-of-month submission period, contractors should review the advice on submission in our Resilience Guidance – Part 3: Emergency Closure. However, first and foremost, contractors are advised to contact the NHSBSA to notify them if there is likely to be a delay in bundle submission.

Additionally, contractors are also reminded that the prescription charge rate will increase by 15p from 1st April to £9.15.