Calls to pharmacies: Police advice checklist

In these difficult times with COVID 19, pharmacies as you already know are under pressure to supply medicines and services to patients.  Whilst keeping themselves safe in order to continue to provide essential services and support to the public.

During the past weeks the Police in the UK are aware of telephone calls to pharmacies from persons claiming to be from the Police.  Those persons requested information regarding stocks of medicines, storage, security measures and vulnerability.  The Police have now established several of the calls made were in fact genuine and had good intent, but a number of others were in fact false.

In an effort to combat these attempts to elicit vital information and to prevent crime the Police have issued guidance (Appendix 1) that will assist and deal with such calls (see link below).

Controlled Drugs Liaison Officer details:


Police advice and checklist

Met Police security document

Crime Prevention Advice for Pharmacies

The Metropolitan Police has issued guidance for community pharmacies offering advice on security of premises, and safety and wellbeing of staff and customers during the pandemic. The publication of this guidance follows requests from national pharmacy organisations for the police to support pharmacy staff on the frontline.

Security advice for pharmacies during the pandemic (summary)

Security advice for pharmacies during the pandemic

Key contacts for police services