Are you ready for the Discharge Medicines Service (DMS)?

Further to the announcement of the Toolkit and the DoC for the DMS, and in light of a couple of questions into the LPC, we would like to clarify the following.

Please remember that DMS is an ESSENTIAL SERVICE for community pharmacy, which means ALL pharmacies will be contractually obliged to provide it and must prepare for the official launch on 15th February 2021. The DMS will replace any current Transfer of Care Around Medicines (TCAM) programmes in some areas, in Humber TCAM will continue until the end of March.

From 15th February 2021, NHS Trusts with the appropriate licences and processes setup will be able to refer patients who would benefit from extra guidance around new prescribed medicines for provision of the DMS at their community pharmacy. This is a soft launch service intended to grow over time from existing arrangements.

To be clear, the main trusts in Humber, HUTH and NLAG, are NOT setup for DMS and will not be referring patients initially. The LPC is in talks with them to build the local service. However, some contractors may still receive referrals as neighbouring areas have limited service availability, with the potential for some extremely limited activity around our borders, and as the service is an essential one, and available nationally, all contractors should be ready to deliver it.

The £400 setup payments will be paid automatically regardless of activity with no input required at pharmacy level.

Although referrals may be minimal initially, we would strongly advise all contractors to utilise the resources available on the link below to enable them to prepare for this service. Resources include briefings, a toolkit, implementation checklist, and links to CPPE to complete the DoC and e-assessment.

Please Note: The DoC is to be completed by all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians involved in providing the service.

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