Palliative Care NEL


NHS England on behalf of NEL CCG

Service Period: This agreement is for the period 1st October 2018 – 31st March 2021

NEL CCG  have agreed to commissioned a service from the following NEL Pharmacies:

Part A drugs only

Asda Pharmacy -Holles Street, GRIMSBY
Lloyds Pharmacy – 208 Littlecoates Road, Grimsby
Lloyds Pharmacy – Pilgrim Primary Care Centre, Immingham

Part A and Part B drugs

Birkwood Pharmacy – The Saltings, Westward Ho, Grimsby

Palliative Care Pharmacies and Drugs List


Palliative Care NEL- Stock Check Part A

Palliative Care NEL – Stock Check Part B


Please note the Palliative Care providers are selected by the CCG. To provide the service you will have been required to read and return the contract and familiarise yourself with the resources. Pharmacies will be accredited to provide the service on the PharmOutcomes platform once a signed SLA has been received by the commissioner.


North East Lincolnshire Palliative Care Scheme 2018 onwards PART A sites PO Guide

North East Lincolnshire Palliative Care Scheme 2018 onwards Part A and Part B sites PO guide

All Claims to be made Quarterly on Pharmoutcomes. The quarters are as follows: 1st April to 30th June; 1st July to 30th September; 1stOctober to 31st December and 1st January to 31st March.

The pharmacy will enter the service delivery information onto the PharmOutcomes system and invoices will be generated automatically. Payments will be made by BACS within 28 days of the submitted invoice.

Pharmacies can claim for their initial stock investment [Part A] or [Part A & Part B] as indicated in the SLA contract by completing a one-off ‘claim for date expired stock’ on PharmOutcomes.

If a medication in part A or B expires you will need to replace it immediately and claim for ‘Claim for date expired stock’ on PO.

If you experience any stock problem during the life of the service please report these on the relevant part A or part B PO platform using the ‘Report OOS’ section.