Summary Care Records

The NHS Summary Care Record (SCR) is an electronic summary of key clinical information (including medicines, allergies and adverse reactions) about a patient, sourced from the GP record.

It is used by authorised healthcare professionals to support their care and treatment.COVID-19 SCR-related updates

  • COVID-19 flag: New COVID 19 SNOMED codes are being added to the Summary Care Record additional Information dataset
  • Shielded Patient (Vulnerability) Flag: made available within SCR
  • SCR with Additional Information: In light of the current emergency, the ‘Additional Information’ framework was amended on 23rd April 2020 so that health and care workers that can use SCR can view the information best needed to support patients – including ‘Additional Information’ (e.g. diagnoses information). This means for the time being patients won’t need to ask their GP practice to activate it. This arrangement will be reviewed after the pandemic.
  • Smartcard & multi-sites process: PSNC has supported NHS Digital’s bulk adjustment of cards with the locum 5F code to be associated with 5F SCR code.
  • SCR 1-click integration within PMR systems: Cegedim have made SCR 1-click feature available to support their users. Other PMR systems are also considering developments.

See relevant sub-sections below for more about these COVID-19-related SCR developments.

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  • Background
  • COVID-19 codes added to SCR (2020)
  • Shielded Patient (Vulnerability) Flag (2020)
  • Smartcard & multi-sites process
  • SCR with Additional Information
  • Checklist for use of SCR
  • SCR contents
  • Training & guidance materials
  • Using/accessing SCR
  • SCR 1-click & integration into systems
  • Consent model
  • Auditability, SCR Governance Person, & related training
  • Patient communications
  • Patient access to SCR information
  • Statistics
  • Contingencies, reporting issues & NHS-management
  • Top tips/vids from pharmacists
  • Future and write access
  • Regulatory matters
  • FAQs

Further info and resources

Resources include:

Updated Roles or sites

You will find more info on updating roles and sites and guidance for locums under the Smartcards and Multi sites section above.

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