Changes to coding of NHS England locally authorised payments

April 8, 2019

NHS England and the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) will be making some minor changes to the way payments for Enhanced Services are described on the monthly contractor Schedule of Payments (FP34).

A national menu of services has been defined, which will be applied to all services commissioned by NHS England, for which payments are transacted via the Local Payments Application (LPA) process. These payments to contractors are made by the NHSBSA and they are listed on contractors’ monthly FP34 schedule of payments.

Use of the national menu of codes will mean that there is consistent coding of locally commissioned services on the FP34 schedule of payments, for example, locally commissioned screening services will always be coded as Local Scheme 4. The full menu of services can be found below.

The national menu will be applied to April 2019 Enhanced Services claim submissions, i.e. to Enhanced Services completed in March 2019 and will be paid to contractors by the NHSBSA on 1st May 2019 appearing on the FP34 ‘Dispensing month: Feb 2019.’

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  • Impact on contractors
  • Why are the changes being made?
  • The national menu (codes)

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