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NHS England issue draft Xmas  & New Year 2019/20 report:

Please click the link below to view the draft report detailing the Pharmacy opening hours for Xmas & New Year 2019/20. These include pharmacies that have been directed as well as those who have declared they will be open:

BH Rota Report Xmas & NY 201920 v1

A final report will be circulated on 11th December 2019 in the event that NHS E are advised of any additional pharmacy opening hours.

Please notify NHS E of any changes by 25 November 2019 to ensure they have time to make any necessary changes.

Current directions can be viewed at the bottom of this page

Further instructions:

  • Please update your DoS & NHS UK Profiles accordingly (Please note: if you do not add hours for a bank holiday it will default to your normal opening hours)
  • Ensure staff on duty have access to all IT systems and mailboxes necessary
  • If closed – use the template on the link below to notify patients of the nearest open pharmacy.
  • If directed to open – remember to claim the directed 1 or 2 hours via the PharmOutcomes platform (see directions on link below)

Pharmacy Opening Notification Template

NHS England Directions to Open 2020-2023

For those pharmacies who have been directed to open, please use the claim form on PharmOutcomes.

Paper claims will no longer be accepted – If you don’t claim via PO you wont get paid                                 

Directions 2020-2023:

Intention to direct letter May 2020 – April 2023

East Riding CCG Area

Hull CCG Area

North East Lincolnshire CCG Area

Directions 2017-2020:

Beverley v2