Bank Holiday Cover

Please check your August Bank Holiday opening hours

Please find below an NHS E Letter and form for completion, regarding the 2020 August Bank Holiday opening hours for pharmacies.


Aug 2020 Letter Re Intention to open

Aug 2020 Pharmacy Bank Holiday Rota

Aug 2020 Bank Holiday Form for completion (word version)

Aug 2020 Bank Holiday Form for completion (pdf version)

NHS E already have some directions in place and hours they have been informed of previously which are included in the above. If for whatever reason there is an issue with the listed opening hours please let NHS E know immediately so they can look to make arrangements to resolve this. If you are not open at all over the bank holiday, on any of the dates specified in the above, then please do not reply informing NHS E of this. They interpret a ‘no reply’ as the pharmacy not being open.

Please note the deadline for declarations/issues being raised is 7th July 2020.

Further instructions:

  • Please update your DoS & NHS UK Profiles accordingly (Please note: if you do not add hours for a bank holiday it will default to your normal opening hours)
  • Ensure staff on duty have access to all IT systems and NHS shared mailboxes necessary
  • If closed – use the template on the link below to notify patients of the nearest open pharmacy.
  • If directed to open – remember to claim the directed 1 or 2 hours via the PharmOutcomes platform (see directions on links above). Please note: if you have to remain open for longer than the designated 1 or 2 hours allocated to complete a pharmaceutical service to patients, please add this to the notes section on PharmOutcomes and keep evidence so NHS England can access if an additional payment is necessary or directed rota need to be extended.

Pharmacy Opening Notification Template

NHS England Directions to Open 2020-2023

For those pharmacies who have been directed to open, please use the claim form on PharmOutcomes.

Paper claims will no longer be accepted – If you don’t claim via PO you wont get paid                                 

Directions 2020-2023:

Intention to direct letter May 2020 – April 2023

East Riding CCG Area

Hull CCG Area

North East Lincolnshire CCG Area