Medicines Optimisation

Medicines Optimisation Work Plan

Please see link to NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS) Medicines Optimisation Work Plan for the year.This information will allow you to anticipate prescribing changes and adjust your stock levels accordingly.When a patient’s medication is switched they may be anxious about the change. This could be a great opportunity to invite them for a MUR* or if the switch involves a new medication they may be eligible for NMS.

The NMS specification regarding eligibility of patients for NMS after a formulation change states:-

‘’It is not generally appropriate for NMS to be provided where there has been a formulation change. The rationale for this is that a change from one solid dosage form to another is unlikely to present major clinical issues for a patient and hence provision of the NMS in such circumstances would not provide value to the NHS. However there may be circumstances, where in the professional opinion of the pharmacist, they believe the patient would benefit from the provision of the NMS where they are moving from one formulation of a medicine to another. In this case the NMS can be provided and pharmacists should document their rationale for making such a professional decision’’.

Link for MUR / NMS drug lists from 1st October 2019

Link for Medicines Optimisation Work Plan

Click here to view the Medicines optimisation workplan for 2019-20

Oxypro switch on the work plan:

Please observe the instructions in the following 1 minute video click showing how to open the childproof blister packaging:, the following PDF of the patient leaflet can be printed off to explain to the patient: PIL- Oxypro15954

Simple switches document for all Humber CCG areas: