Community Pharmacy Assurance Framework (CPAF)

The Community Pharmacy Assurance Framework was developed by NHS Primary Care Commissioning as a toolkit to assist Primary Care Trusts in assessing compliance and quality under the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF)

The LPC recommend that contractors familiarise themselves with the PSNC’s advice page on contract monitoring and CPAF.

Should a pharmacy contractor have any queries or question regarding the monitoring process, or require advice and support around a monitoring visits, the LPC is available for support, just contact us.

For more information on the following please click here to visit the PSNC website:

Contract monitoring for 2019/20
Contract monitoring visits
Monitoring the use of SOPs
Recording advice, interventions and referrals in community pharmacies

CPAF Screening Survey 2019:

The 2019/20 Community Pharmacy Assurance Framework (CPAF) screening questionnaire will be available for completion from Monday 3 June 2019 until Sunday 30 June 2019. Click the link to visit PSNC above and select Contract monitoring for 2019/20 to find out more.

For who to contact at NHS England with regarding CPAF:

Please refer to the Pharmacy Contact List for NHS England, Yorkshire & Humber which can be found here