National Public Health Campaigns announced for 2019/20

National Public Health Campaigns announced for 2019/20

December 11, 2018

As part of the Essential Services for pharmacy: Promoting Healthy Lifestyles, pharmacies are required each year to participate in up to six public health campaigns at the request of NHS England. This involves the display and distribution of leaflets provided by NHS England. PSNC have now agreed the 6 Public Health Campaigns with NHS England for 2019/20.

In addition, pharmacies are required to undertake prescription-linked interventions on major areas of public health concern, such as encouraging smoking cessation.

Service Specification

Essential Service 4 – Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles (Public Health) Service Specification

Please click the links below for more information from PSNC and a 2019/20 Campaigns one pager put together by the LPC:


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