Are you ready for the CPCF changes coming in April 2020?

Are you ready for the CPCF changes coming in April 2020?

August 21, 2019

By now all contractors should have read the new 5 year settlement on the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF).

From April 2020 the following will become part of your Terms of Service

Pharmacies must: Quick link to our relevant page:
have a premises shared NHSmail account, NHSmail Page
have access to the NHS Summary Care Record (SCR), SCR Page
provide information for the NHS 111 Directory of Services (DoS), DoS Page
have an up to date pharmacy profile on NHS.UK, NHS UK Page
process electronic prescriptions, EPS Page
and have attained HLP Level 1 status [which requires a private consultation area] HLP Page

PSNC have issued the following summary of the five year deal and more information on the areas above can be found on the PSNC website:

PSNC Briefing 026/19: A Summary of the 5 Year Deal on the CPCF

Visit our CPCF Page

Please Note: If you are eligible to claim an aspiration payment for the Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS), then some of the above which are also gateway criteria will need to be in place by the end of October 2019. Click the link below to find out more about PQS and read the associated PSNC briefing.

Visit PSNC PQS Pages

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